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  • GAS interview is updated!

    Please visit this page and find our 5th GAS interview with Prof. Chen Kuan-Hsing at Bandung Schools, Taipei and Hsinchu, Taiwan.

  • Call for Applications for JF-GJS Fellowship Program (JF-GJSフェローシップ・プログラム)

    We are pleased to announce a call for applications for JF-GJS Fellowship Program (JF-GJSフェローシップ・プログラム). For the details of Application Guidelines and Instructions (募集要項), please check here.

  • [Update] Booklet GAS “Teaching Global Asia”

    We posted Booklet GAS “Teaching Global Asia: A Lecture Series to Understand Malaysian Case Surviving Cancer in Asia: Cross-boundary Cancer Studies, The University of Tokyo” in our ‘Outreach’ section. You can also access to this issue directly from this link.

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