EAJS 2023 Conference Opening Keynote “Asianization of Asian Studies and its impact on Japanese Studies” by Prof. Shigeto Sonoda

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Date and TimeAugust 17 (Thu) 2023, 16:00-18:00 PM, Time in Belgium
VenueGhent University, Belgium
TitleAsianization of Asian Studies and its impact on Japanese Studies
SpeakerProf. Shigeto Sonoda

Since the end of the Cold War, a new concept of “Global Asia” has emerged, triggered by growing attention to the path(s) of globalization. The gravity of Asia and its growing political and economic influence on the global landscape has coincided with increasing awareness of social connectivity; connections between development, the environment and health; and concern for inequality within Asia and beyond. Simultaneously, the limited “ownership” of these issues by researchers residing in Asia has prompted calls for the “Asianization of Asian studies”.

Conventionally, Japanese scholars have separated Japan from other part of Asia and regarded Asian studies as “area study” to study “them” rather than “us.” The speaker estimates, however, that Asianization of Asian studies has had huge and extensive impacts on Japanese studies in Asia as well as Asian studies in Japan. The boundaries of Japanese studies and (other) Asian studies have become blur, and the frame of “Japan in Asia” is gaining ground among scholars in Asia.

In this talk, the speaker will introduce some observations of changing characteristics of Japanese studies in Asia (mainly in China) and new developments of Global Japan Studies as one area of Global Asian Studies in Japan to explore the possibilities of further collaboration between Asian scholars and European scholars in Japanese studies.

Event Report

Prof. Shigeto Sonoda, chair of GAS program, delivered an opening keynote speech titled “Asianization of Asian Studies and its impact on Japanese Studies” at Aula Academica, Ghent University, Belgium, where EAJS (European Association for Japanese Studies) 2023 Conference was held on 17th of August, 2023. The following is information on his keynote.


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