Call for Application

Cultivating Early Career Networks Between Global Asias and Japanese Studies Program

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Date and TimeDue by Friday, October 27, 2023
VenueVirtual Sessions
TitleCall for Application: Cultivating Early Career Networks Between Global Asias and Japanese Studies program

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The Global Asias Initiative (GAI) at Pennsylvania State University, in conjunction with Japan Foundation, New York (JFNY), is conducting a three-year project aimed at kickstarting a network of junior scholars between the US and Japan who are working under the conceptual rubric of Global Asias. The goal of this three-year project is to begin building a community of scholars who are working at the intersections of Japan Studies and Global Asias approaches.

Global Asias approaches often become necessary when the assumptions of area studies or national frameworks become constrictive. Global Asias projects might focalize questions concerning migration, identity, indigeneity, and displacement. They may question governing disciplinary practices or scholarly conventions. Perhaps they challenge existing orthodoxies of how we study Asia in relation to its multiple diasporas. We welcome diversely conceptualized projects that explore the possibilities and limits of using Global Asias as a method to cross-pollinate knowledge across field and disciplinary borders.

This early career mentoring program will be co-directed by Charlotte Eubanks and Tina Chen. We will meet virtually four times between January-August 2024 and program participation will involve 1) regular attendance at virtual sessions (Jan/Mar/May/August 2024); 2) readings and some individual writing; 3) collaborative work with other participants; and 4) contribution to the products (Global Asias 7 conference roundtable, Verge publication, or both) that team members decide on as project outcomes.

Organizer:Global Asias Initiative, Penn State University
Co-organizer:Japan Foundation New York
Contact:Inquiries can be directed to Tina Chen ( or Charlotte Eubanks (